Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CWC-2011 Semi Final, IND vs PAK: Was it fixed?

India celebrating. Fans on the road. Crackers in the sky. Alcohol in the belly. Sidhdhu laughing like a monster. I am also feeling good but have my own douts when I see from a bookie's eye.

Hell lot of money was bet on two possible outcomes. one, Sachin's century and second India win/loose.

Take the first case. Sachin was allowed to score by dropping his catches. Initial bets were in the favor of Sachin's hundred. Couple of catches dropped. Sachin was not looking in great touch. Most of the people who bet on his century changed side. Bookie made money. Again, Sachin was allowed to cross 80 by repetitively dropping catches. By the time, people started believing that sachin will score century.... oops...he got out. Bookie made money again. :)

Not many were positive for India, when we chocked to 260. Pakistan got a good starts and betting moved in their favor. I still do not understand howcome Misbah kept doing shashtry (remember the Ind-Aus when we lost by 1 run), when asking runrate was jumping.

I feel something is somewhere fishy. If things are fixed, then I believe that India will win the world cup. India wining world cup makes lot of economic sense. Now-a-days, end of the day everything is economics.


  1. When I sat back and relaxed this thought crossed my mind as well. No one will know but it is not good for the game for sure. If it was a genuine win then it has taken the credit away - but there is no other way to know.

  2. sir ji Bookie,s ko to paisa banana hi tha aur ek bada reason hain ki kutchh hi dino main IPL hona hain hundred,s of crore bussness aise thode pakistan ko jita kar IPL ki band bajwayenge????

    sab paisa hain bhai.