Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rape: World of Ravan and Sita?

Is every man a Ravan and every woman a Sita?  The emotional burst out today is so intense such that any statement even remotely questioning womanhood is cursed back. 

Let me put my two cents.

I never gave too much attention to rape cases earlier. I just thought them another incidence of crime. After I was blessed with a daughter, I started taking note of such events, getting worried with horrible thoughts like what if something similar happens to her. I am seen in freedom park of Bangalore more out of fear than concern. I also feel ashamed and regret all those comments which I made on girls during my college days. 

I am thinking a lot for last couple of weeks. Why rape are happening? Why acid attack? What can I do? How can I make my daughter ready to handle difficult situation? What kind of law should be there? etc etc..

I do not support capital punishment. Just award surgical castration with daily compulsory dose of aphrodisiacs and then leave the rapist free. The men, who could not keep themselves in underwear, must face such fate. But, But and But. This should be allowed to happen only  in open and shut case like delhi gang-rape. Any new law for rape should not become another tool of harassment like 498A. 

There can not be absolutely any excuse in the favor of a rapist. Not even in the case when a woman walks nude in front of a man in a completely deserted place. No reason can be a reason to rape a woman. Having said that I will try my best to teach my daughter to not to fall for imported "My Skirt My Freedom" kind of crap. Hope she understand that in the name of freedom and equality, nudity can not be justified. I do not know how India would be after 15-20 years from now, but as of today average Indian man is not used to exposed deep cleavage and popping panty lines like west. He still needs to get used to nudity. 

Hold on, do not jump on me. I do not mean to suppress woman. All I wish that woman understand how to live respectfully in a hostile world. Let me try to give a example. Having pothole-less roads is our right. But we do not get it. When we drive, we do not assume that road would be nice. We accept the reality and maneuver our vehicle so that we are safe. Similarly, you know that not every man is Ram. You go as a meat in front of man-eater, your right to live will not be respected. Either you develop self protection skills (Karate etc) or do not provoke man-eater or both.  

We need to work on character building of society . Writing about teaching your son/brother/father to respect woman would be a repetition. Plenty of reference material is out there in public domain. Yes, there is a urgent need to do that. There is also a need to charterer building of new age girls also. Gone are the days when every woman was Sita. In fact, during the time of Sita there was Suparnkha also who tried to seduce Ram and later Lakman when she could not get Ram. 

Misuse of sexuality, false cases of work-place harassment, made up accusation of rape, un-defend-able allegations of domestic violence -marital rape-impotency are not exception anymore.  In fact they are common thing. This is something to be worried for. 

Man must learn to respect woman, woman must learn to remain respectable.