Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mess up and listen

If you know that you are messing up and nobody is bothering, either others have given up or simply you are at a bad place.  
-The Last Lecture

In the first case, you may believe that people do not love you or jealous or non-cooperative etc. Do not play victim. You will victimize yourself. Accept that you have broken the trust. Accept that you didn't respond when given feedback.  Realize that you are the bottleneck to your own progress. Come out of your ego, hesitation,  low-self-esteem or whatever is stopping you; and ask for feedback. Buckle up and start all over again if needed. And yes, listen when you mess up again.

In other case, pack your bags and move to a place where you will be criticized.  Being criticized does not sound good. It hurts stiff dimension of your personality. Learn to take criticism constructively, even if it is done to you in most negative or harsh way, if it makes logical sense.  Do not analyse behavior or intent of a person who criticizes you. That would be utter waste of creative energy. Just extract 'action items' to work upon.

Observe, Learn and Move Forward...

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